Smilesss was born out of the cultural crossroads of music, fashion and technology. Aiming to redefine luxury streetwear, we're pushing and flexing the boundaries of fashion across the physical and digital realms.

By building a luxury streetwear brand, our goal is to give people the ability to rock a fit you actually resonate with in both worlds. An exciting thing about fashion is the deep connection between various aspects of culture like music, sports, and entertainment. We are also building in-roads into these verticals to help us tap deeper into the community.

We’re embarking on an exciting journey along with our community to grow the brand and spread Smilesss to the world ::)


Kick-started through our collaborative drop with The Hundreds, we are building an in-house pipeline for our luxury streetwear clothing line which will feature some clothing from our NFT collection and new items on the horizon.

It’s only right to be able to wear our clothing physically and digitally so what better way to show off your new fit than by walking down “The Runway”? More info soon... ;;)


Music and entertainment are a core driver in shaping how the world approaches the future of clothing. Through various festivals, events, and media we will be introducing the Smilesss brand to the broader world and solidifying us at the forefront of real-world culture in web3.


Sports plays a big factor in how different attire gets introduced into new communities, but most importantly it brings people together. Through initiatives such as our eFuse partnership and in person events, this is an area we are tapping into to bring our community closer together.